Instead of inconsequential Charlevoix, I think Canada should host the G7 invitees in the much more à propos Fort McMurray. Imagine the beautiful vistas they would all have from the helicopter! Mordor, was it?

After some back and forth with WordPress support, the final word is that the WP for iOS app just wont work and there is nothing to do about it.

I hope they at least file it as a bug that the app doesn’t dynamically discover the location of the XML-RPC endpoint, instead of assuming it must be at /xmlrpc.php.

It’s hard to say, but watching the Golden Knights one-speed games against Winnipeg I was thinking that neither Tampa Bay or Washington will be able to beat them.

My hosting provider blocks xmlrpc so I use the Rename XMLRPC plugin for WordPress to put it at a different location. My site properly broadcasts its location in the page headers, but looks like WP for iOS doesn’t inspect those.

I’m unable to post to my WordPress micro-site using the WP iOS app but I can post to it using Support tells me it’s because my xmlrpc file is not at the standard WP location, but obviously found it. Kinda odd.

I should mention that my Twitter account is deactivated as of today. It should get deleted in two weeks. Now I post only to my own micro site. Brave new world! I’m getting a kick out of owning my content and site and controlling where it gets published. 🎉

I was using the Mastodon Autopost plugin for WordPress but I didn’t like that it was including a link to my micro site. I just switched to the Mastodon Auto Share plugin; let’s see how this goes.

Come to think of it, the only problem with DuckDuckGo is there’s no cute verb to say you’re using it. Instead of googling it, it’s what, ducking it? DDG’ing it?

It’s odd to me that Google is still most people’s default search engine. I do agree it’s a monopoly. Apathy might explain it, but I switched to DuckDuckGo a few years ago and I prefer its presentation of results over Google’s. For developers, DuckDuckGo also has better integration with sites like StackOverflow and GitHub.