A major update of the Tower git client was released today. I haven’t tried it yet but support for pull requests alone makes it seem like a no-brainer upgrade. And apps that we use day in, day out deserve our money.

I struggled over the weekend with the OWC Aura Pro X SSD upgrade for my MacBook Pro, only to realize tonight that it requires Disk Utility from High Sierra to be recognized. Drive now formatted as APFS and Migration Assistant doing its thing. Nice!

Kottke.org is one of those very few sites I can confidently say has made a big difference in my life. I can’t count how many things I learned, how many doors it opened, and how many dinner discussions it started. I’m so glad to see subscriptions has helped Jason keep the site up and ever more relevant.

I read Dave Winer’s troll FAQ today and found that it’s pretty much how I handle them. Sometimes I wish we could all agree to deal with it the same way.

I’ve found it difficult to put into words the personal and social responsibilities we have regarding climate change, but this post resonates with me:

[F]ussing and guilt-tripping over one’s individual contribution to climate change is neither an intellectually nor a morally serious response to a global systemic crisis.

The comparison is not entirely fair because wind prices were not as low in 1999 as they are today, but this still gives an idea of what damage or benefit we can do with our dollars from this point forward. What if, indeed.

Yesterday I meant to type “love” on my iPhone but actually typed “loce” and autocorrect slept right through it. Autocorrect fail.

Not that Twitter is the yard stick by which other social sites should be measured, but it’s now been three weeks since I closed that account, and it’s been… just fine. I miss a few people who had interesting takes, but I’m slowly discovering new people on Mastodon and Micro.blog. 🎉

You have to admit, it’s funny that Apple News got to the redesign phase before it ever got to the “let’s make it available in Canada” phase. (And so many other countries.)

I agree with some of the comments I read on Mastodon today. All along, the danger with GitHub has been its status as de facto standard for hosting code. Diversity is key. When a giant corporation swallows another one, we all lose. I prefer to live in a world where there are many equally valid options.

I really hope the rumors of GitHub being acquired by Microsoft aren’t true. I’ve used TFS and Yammer with some clients and it’s full of corporate Microsoftisms, not in a good way.

As far as alternatives, I’ve hosted many projects on BitBucket, which is slowly getting better.