This title really underscores the current state of politics and climate action. It’s not left versus right, liberal versus conservative. It’s urban versus rural. Two sets of people with different education and differing priorities. I’ve been feeling down lately wondering whether the gap can be bridged.

When I see other developers working or I read about their preference in browsers, I’d say 90% of the time it’s Chrome. On Windows I’d understand why, but a majority of the time these are people running macOS. I use Safari, which to me is a fine browser. Why is Chrome so much more popular among developers?

BoingBoing did an interview with Eugen Rochko, the lead developer of Mastodon. It’s good to see decentralized systems coming back into fashion. When you think about it, it’s a contradiction in terms for a social platform to be privately owned. Let’s hope decentralized systems are here to stay, as opposed to Twitter, Facebook et al.

This is not something I would normally post about but I believe strongly in freedom, feminism, and honesty. And making sex workers less safe in the name of addressing human trafficking is dishonest, cruel, and puts lives in danger. Erika Lust is an artist whose voice I respect to call it the way it is.

When I requested my Model 3 deposit back from Tesla, I cited the everything-touch screen as one of the main reasons for my decision to pass. As a designer, I’m not convinced it’s safe to remove tactile feedback from all controls in a moving vehicle.

I’ve been completely uninterested by so-called smart TVs, partly because I don’t trust them and partly because I don’t have cable so no need for a TV tuner. I had little luck finding “dumb TVs” until I realized I needed to search for “large monitors” instead. A large screen with a few HDMI ports is really all I need.

Since I moved off of Twitter and started micro-blogging on my own site, I’ve felt more accountable for what I write. I generally put a little more thought into it instead of just reacting, and all I can say is I’ve been really enjoying it.

Web search engines are biased. They don’t show the most accurate links first; instead they tend to favor the most popular or what fits their algorithm’s definition of “relevant”. I worry that people are not aware enough of this and about the negative impacts these “relevant links”—instead of accurate—will have on our collective intelligence.