I need to upgrade xScope 3 to version 4 but I only really use the crosshair feature and have a hard time justifying $70 CAD for that. Anyone knows of alternatives, maybe that only do the crosshair?

It seems like John Gruber’s output on Daring Fireball has slowed down significantly in the last year or two. Oddly, I can’t help but notice it seems to have coincided with the last presidential election, and he does write about politics now whereas he almost never did before. Does anyone have stats on this?

Lots of new users today on Mastodon and Micro.blog, and lots of discussion about Twitter alternatives like Tumblr and RSS. Good to see. I quit Twitter months ago and it’s been nice to follow some of the same accounts via RSS instead.

Part of my comment yesterday came after my wife and I had spent an hour talking with a surgeon about a tricky procedure. I walked away amazed at her command of the subject matter and the amount of planning and precautions that are put into place for the team to perform the operation successfully. I have very rarely felt that way interviewing or talking with other software developers.

I agree with xkcd. Software development as a field is not that good at what it does and part of the problem is that we call it a science and its practitioners “engineers”. In some cases it is and sometimes they are, but a lot of the time writing code is an art, not that different from writing stories or sculpting clay.

The Pro Controller for the Switch has a great feel and is really good, especially if like me you find that the regular controller feels like a child-sized device. A bit pricey but it definitely improves my experience with the Switch.