The MacBook Air and the Mac mini are back on the list of machines we would recommend to family and friends. I can’t help but wonder what the updates Air means for the qualifier-less MacBook.

Saw The Hate U Give tonight. I don’t remember the last time I cried so much at a movie. For the impossibility of the choices black people face and the unfairness of it all. Also, I hate the police and their fixation on not allowing people to walk down the street to say they disagree with something.

I still use TextMate as my go-to text editor. I like that it’s truly Mac-like with Mac shortcuts and behaviors (hello Command-E), but I’ve been wanting more from it like a nicer UI, better documentation integration and better code execution. Today I found CodeRunner and it’s pretty sweet, with a built-in debugger and a true Mac UX.

Tim Winton on a whale encounter:
“Ordinary citizens want to believe there are some places too precious to surrender to corporate interests, unspoilt places that shouldn’t be industrialised. We need to know there’s a line we’ll draw and will not cross. Because a world given over entirely to the engine of industry becomes a world no longer fit for creatures, human or otherwise; it becomes a world without hope.”

The latest report from the IPCC unequivocally says climate change is a matter of life and death. The lack of progress since the Paris Agreement is alarming and mind boggling. All major and minor news outlets reported it but here’s The Guardian and CBC.

This article from 2013 in The Atlantic comparing Scandinavian and American prisons is very interesting. The takeaway for me is that to have better prisons requires society to look at criminals as regular people.