I’m so glad I got out of Twitter and, years before that, Facebook. It’s unfuriating that they are institutionally unable or unwilling to see the harm that they do.

I don’t hate Gutenberg but it doesn’t help me write more productively and I do dislike that tools appear or disappear depending on where you click. Too much friction. Just give me a blank square to write in. Hello Classic Editor plugin.

Greta Thunberg talked at #COP24 and said to the politicians in attendance so many things I’ve thought. Good for her. Whoever smiled at her because, oh look, she’s 15, is demeaning her message. Nobody smiled at Jewish children during WWII. Her words are no less important.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said today that their “oil is not dirty”. In other news, meat is vegan, glaciers are advancing, and science is a game played in Irish pubs.

The Tumblr for iOS mystery is getting more interesting each day that passes by without the app reappearing in the store. They made it sound like a bug, but sounds like policy. If Apple yanked it because of porn on Tumblr, it’s not coming back anytime soon.

I installed WordPress 5.0 and I’m posting this using the new (dreaded, from everything I’ve read?) Gutenberg editor. We shall see whether words will fall into place properly and whether the cross-posting to Mastodon and Micro.blog will still work.

I still marvel every time I’m driving around in my electric car that what powers it used to last only an hour or two if we were lucky after Christmas playing with our new battery-sucking toys.