I’ve been noticing lately that more and more pop songs talk about the sad state of the world.

  • World Gone Mad by Bastille
  • Miracle by Chvrches
  • Youth Without Youth by Metric

And many more. That makes me hopeful. Our outrage must be expressed through music, so more people can be outraged.

”If love is enough, could you let it show?”

I’m on the Fediverse! Or rather, my microblog is. I installed the ActivityPub plugin and now my WordPress blog can be found from Mastodon by following [email protected] Not much point for now since I’m already on Mastodon, but I find this kind of interoperability amazing. I hope the open web is coming back and will take over the Facebook/Twitters of this world.

David Heinemeier Hansson:

Traditional blogs might have swung out of favor, as we all discovered the benefits of social media and aggregating platforms, but we think they’re about to swing back in style, as we all discover the real costs and problems brought by such centralization.

One thing that’s happened since I got off Twitter and other centralized social media is that I went back to RSS. And I find that 1) I’m more in control of what I read, and 2) I read more long-form pieces (as opposed to wasting away reading my timeline).

I just heard that some airlines, if you buy more than one seat, don’t put them together by default and then charge you for sitting together… We don’t live in a civil world. Money and profit is taking over every single little bit of decency humans have.

I think a lot of app makers (hello LinkedIn) are either getting lazy or just plain don’t want us to know, but these cheeky “we fixed some bugs so you can enjoy the app” have gotten old fast. I miss actual communication.

One of the things that blows my mind are social logins. Log in with Twitter! Log in with Facebook! That’s preying on ignorance and people too lazy to create a millionth password. And the sites that partner with Twitter/Facebook to offer it? That’s just plain being accomplice to corporate malfeasance.

Fuck you Internet. It used to be a beautiful place. I met my wife here. Now it’s like walking down the street and being followed by creepy corporate dudes, offered sex and viagra every 10 steps, while watching out for pickpockets at every corner. All just because you wanted a fucking milkshake.

I’ve been closing more accounts. Flickr is gone, Instagram is gone, Tumblr is gone. And I’ve been off of Twitter and Facebook for a while. Never had a YouTube account. Wish I could close Google. I can’t but I make sure to never surf logged into anything.

I’m getting so tired of fending off all the tracking and data collecting. I’m really fed up with all this so-called smartness. Meanwhile, so many things that stop working, the wifi, the laptop, iWatch unlocking, etc, etc. It’s unacceptable in 2018. Tech should be better.

Wait a minute. My Pixel 3 was just sitting there on my desk, shut down. Yesterday the battery was at 100%. Today it’s 84%. Apparently “shut down” doesn’t mean what it used to mean.