Please raise your hand if you regularly (or wish you could) speak aloud to your devices? Just wondering if voice recognition is a white male geek wet dream or if it’s actually useful.

To be fair, I sometimes dictate messages to my phone and use Siri to search movies on my Apple TV.

The price of MacBook Pros here in Canada has really gone overboard.

In 2012 I bought what was then a top of the line MacBook Pro 15-inch (2.6 GHz quad-core i7, 8 GB, 750 GB) for $2119.

Today just a base model with similar storage (2.2 GHz 6-core i7, 16 GB, 1 TB) sets you back $3919.

They are good computers but goodness, even as a business expense I think $4500 after tax is too much. I do want Apple to make quality computers but I don’t know how to justify these prices.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Quebec where I still feel too many people think small, but I think that Trudeau, Trump, May et al have the same affliction. They are inherently unable to think about the big picture. Even at that level, the enormity of the fact that the house is on fire barely registers. I used to think an ant had no comprehension of the highway and cars going by. Now I’m convinced politics is closer to the ants than to the people who built the highway.

I posted a link to a video of the school walkouts in the UK today where the kids are chanting “fuck you May”. And the thing is, I feel this is exactly right. Fuck May, fuck Trudeau, fuck Trump. Because they have made it abundantly clear that they are not part of the solution. Brexit, border walls, whatever. It’s all a sideshow, a distraction from what’s really important. The fucking house is on fire and they are debating who gets the large bedroom. The kids are right.

I generally don’t think much of most news organizations but I started subscribing to The Guardian a year ago because they have a dedicated Environment section that has smart and extensive coverage of everything related to climate change. And after a year of it I’m about to renew it because it’s well deserved and there isn’t enough of it in the news media. Very recommended.

I read something today on TreeHugger that I never considered before:

Keeping people working all day is no cosmic good, it’s just a tradition that began a few hundred years ago and may be coming to an end

If capitalism is the enemy of good planet stewardship, that may be true. And somehow thinking about that makes me feel lighter.

I just finished re-reading Richard Feynman’s account of investigating the Challenger accident and the inner workings of NASA in “What Do You Care What Other People Think”. It’s remarkable how he valued the work of engineers and workers in getting a true understanding of how things went down, and enjoyable that he highlighted management’s ”fantastic faith in the machinery”. Good to read it again.