One UX thing that’s bothered me about Mac OS X / macOS since pretty much the beginning is how starting an app will force its windows to the foreground even though you’ve clicked on another app while it was launching.

By clicking on another app, my feeling is I’ve signified my intent to use another app while the other one is launching in the background. Is it just me?

Jeremy Leggett today:

Many researchers of past human civilisations tell us that our globalised civilisation may well now be in the early stages of collapsing […] for a variety of reasons, but some recur, and three in particular: climatic change, environmental degradation, and inequality.

I was contacted by an MBA today. Looked up the company and found this obscure statement:

At [redacted] Financial we provide intentional advice to inspire clients to choose to do what they will wish they had done, especially when they are not inclined to do it.