Sean Holman’s open letter:

On May 6, the United Nations released a scientific report warning that around a million species are threatened with extinction due to human activity, including climate change. […]

It turns out that most of the country’s other major broadsheets concluded that proof of a dying planet was less newsworthy than puffery about a [royal] baby.

This interview with Sean Holman, following his open letter pleading for Canadian media to report on climate as an emergency, is full of well-articulated thoughts.

And in the media we, generally speaking, don’t have any hesitation about naming a crisis when it is a crisis. […] So why are we hesitant about saying the climate crisis is a crisis?

I love the tone and style of this declaration of independence in The Intercept:

We, therefore, the Sane People of this Planet, […] do solemnly publish and declare that all the world’s Leaders are hereby relieved of their positions

It’s all tongue in cheek but with yesterday’s dire warnings in Nature that we have to kill all fossil fuel projects now, the failures and/or refusals from governments everywhere to act accordingly are spelling out ever more clearly that they simply are not there for us.