Fracking is such a weird idea. Not content to pollute and mess with the very air that we depend on for survival, why not also destabilize the very ground we stand on? Makes perfect sense.


I read today that people cried to see Notre-Dame go up in flames but few tears are being shed over the Amazon forest and I couldn’t agree more.

I’m also appalled that most of what I hear is throwing the Brazilian government under the bus. But all countries are watching this disaster and doing nothing.

“How can we help?” is what I want to hear. The Earth and the Amazon belong to all of us. We should offer help, money, resources and people to make things right.

I don’t know how I missed this speech by Harrison Ford at last year’s Global Climate Action Summit. He said it all. Powerful words.

I feel a mixture of dread and hope for the next Summit in New York on September 23rd. Looking at pretty much any of the vital statistics—carbon emissions, loss of habitat, temperature records, you name it—close to zero progress has been made. No more talks. We need drastic action now.