Good to see The Guardian’s editorial on Friday that made clear they are siding against polluters in the ongoing discussions around the climate crisis. They call it “days of reckoning” and I love this kind of tone. It’s coming up more and more lately. I’m also thinking of Greta Thunberg’s “Right here, right now is where we draw the line.”

My wife is reading Silence, a romance from the 13th century, and this passage seems prescient:

Assets are worth much less than manure:
at least dung enriches the soil,
but the wealth that is locked away
is a disgrace to the man who hoards it.

We should remember that, in the light of a changing Earth, as humanity needs to get away from capitalism and back to the root of what sustains it.

Thoughtful words from Michael Chabon, who is stepping down as Chairman of the Board of the MacDowell Colony, about the place of art in today’s world. Surprise, it’s not to make the world a better place. Click through for the full account.

These feel like such dire times, times of violence and dislocation, schism, paranoia, and the earth-scorching politics of fear. Babies have iPads, the ice caps are melting, and your smart refrigerator is eavesdropping on your lovemaking.