So I was doing the math this morning. The Government of Canada wants to plant 2b trees in the next 10 years. Assuming continuous planting 365 days/year, that’s a staggering ~547,000 trees to be planted each and every day.

I mean, I want them to plan those trees, I really DO. But how do you procure and plant half a million trees per day?

I’m a big fan of Mike Monteiro’s Dear Designer blog. I enjoy how he calls it the way he sees it. This one is about the shame Facebook employees should feel:

And if they don’t have the sense to feel that shame internally, I am happy to provide it for them. Being Catholic alumni, I am more than qualified to do this.

He’s certainly polarizing but he fully owns it:

I’m not here for a seat at the table; I’m here to use the table for kindling.

I mean, I want shit to hit the climate fan in 2020.

We need politicians to take over who are willing to act.

We need fossil fuel companies to see their demise coming.

We need investors to be forced to divest.

We need capitalism to be challenged.

We need people to take to the streets and declare unequivocally that we will not stand for inaction anymore.

With the unprecedented fires in Australia and statements like this one from US Youth Climate Strike, I’m getting the feeling that 2020 is the year that shit will hit the proverbial fan:

[Politics] serve to protect profits over people, donors over voters. They need to be defeated, not convinced.

I noticed today that I got over meat alternatives like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat really quickly. Now I much prefer food that embraces its plant-baseness and that opens up so many more possibilities. There are a number of restaurants in my area that have great options, and some like Boon Burger that sell their patties made fresh daily and taste fantastic.