Climate grief is something I have been going in and out of. At times I get really sad about the struggles we’re facing and I cry reading the latest news. But then sometimes I’m amazed and encouraged that it’s gone mainstream. Let’s hope for more. Choose life and love over business and money.

A recruiter from Facebook reached out to me once and I made it clear I could not work for a company that I did not respect and that stood against many of my values. In response, she said that’s exactly why they need people like me. I ignored. A lack of corporate morals is not an engineering problem.

Mike Monteiro to Facebook employees on ethical work:

And yet you sell your labor to a company that caters to a psychopath who’s doing everything possible to destroy that planet.

I make career decisions largely based on whether it makes the world a better place. I say it to everybody I talk to. I also ask other developers if they would turn away an opportunity based on values and morals. Too often, I get a quizzical look. But then there’s this:

We’re dying by fire, and the Google Cloud oil and gas sales vertical is pouring on the gasoline.