If you tried connecting with me on LinkedIn and never heard back, my general policy is not to accept invites unless I can vouch for your qualities.

That rules out people I’ve never worked with. That also rules out people who work at the same place as me but who I have not worked directly or closely with. I even ignored the CEO until I had met him in person and had experienced his leadership.

Plastic companies knew recycling wouldn’t work since the 1970’s.

The industry’s awareness that recycling wouldn’t keep plastic out of landfills and the environment dates to the program’s earliest days, we found.

This is on the same level as oil companies knowing about climate change the whole time. This has to be punished.

The deliberate avoidance of work roadmaps that they do at Basecamp resonates with me. First because I’ve always actively avoided what I call “putting things in boxes”. Make a goal but only use it as a way to propel you. Go with the flow and be flexible. Second because I’ve seen many projects try to pin things down too far ahead and ending up being a ball and chain instead of encouraging insight and creativity.

I’m happy to see voices asking for climate action rising again after many quieter months due to COVID-19. Extinction Rebellion had a good week in the UK and another one is coming.

I’m only sad I won’t be able to attend the next Global Climate Strike on September 25th because I’ll be away helping my mom move. Make some noise!